What to Eat with Scallion Pancakes? Definitive Guideline

Thanks to the signature green onion ingredient in the scallion pancakes for which it’s earthy, fragrant, and crispy. This pan-fried delicacy includes dough stuffed with minced green onion and can be eaten both as a snack or a main course. The best thing about this Chinese staple food is its versatility.

Eating it with different sides is more pleasing than eating it alone. Whether it’s salad, sauce, or soup; you can make your version of the combo to eat with these pancakes for a hearty meal. In this article, we’ll help you figure out the answer “what to eat with scallion pancakes?”.

What Type of Food is a Scallion Pancake?

Before talking about sides, let’s first understand what type of food it is. Scallion pancake is basically an appetizer in Chinese cuisine. It’s crunchy, flaky, and also chewy inside. Some of its distinctive features are:

  • It’s kind of a layered pastry or flatbread that’s folded over and over.
  • Tastes like a fried and crispy omelet.
  • Chopped green onions (aka scallion) are the main ingredient.
  • The dough is brushed with veg oil, chicken fat, or lard for the crunchy texture and aromatic flavor.
  • The boiling water is used to keep the dough flattened and pliable.

So we see although it can be eaten as a filling meal, it’s an appetizer or a morning or evening snack that could precede different sides. Here are a few things we’ve considered while suggesting the sides:

  • It’s starchy and shouldn’t be combined with more carbs.
  • The stir-fried protein or vegetable sides can go better with it.
  • The sides used for appetizers can also complement it.

What to Eat with Scallion Pancakes? Items That Will Enhance The Test

Since the scallion pancakes are appetizers, they’d go with the foods that typically complement such appetizers or starters. Here we’ve figured out 7 of the sides you can eat with scallion pancakes.

Here some of these sides could be treated as the main course where the pancake will be an appetizer while others could be considered as a supporting appetizer for these pancakes. Let’s find out more about these sides below.

1. Dipping Sauces

Sweet and spicy dipping sauces often complement Chinese pancakes and scallion pancakes are no exception. If you’re eating the pancake as a snack, nothing could be better than a flavorful dipping sauce. Another great thing about sauces is the wide variety of flavors.

You can enjoy the scallion pancakes with hot chili sauce, soy sauce, or spicy tomato sauce. Some even make mustard and peanut sauce at home as they highly complement the green onion pancakes. The dipping sauces enhance the pancake flavor in many ways and make it truly delightful to eat.

2. Soups

The crunchiness and tenderness of the scallion pancakes help them pair with a wide variety of soups. The best combination for these pancakes would probably be the hot and sour seafood soup. Seafood soup is flavorful and aromatic but it doesn’t overpower the taste of the scallion pancakes.

Some of the other soups you can try with scallion pancakes are noodle soup, chicken tortilla soup, fish soup, and vegan chili soup. Soups often demand a side dish, so these amazing pancakes could be a great side to nourish and fill you up.

3. Salads

The dish that can combine a whole bunch of fresh savory flavors is nothing other than salads. Many Asians love eating pancakes and salads together. One flavorful and colorful salad to try out with the scallion pancakes is the Asian Chicken Salad.

If you don’t want to feel yourself up with anything heavy, a few pancakes with a small bowl of this salad could be a great idea.

You can also have the fresh mixed salad with these pancakes. Salads combine different kinds of veggies and herbs to come up with a savory taste. So it can perfectly complement the savory taste of these scallion pastries.

4. Stir-Fried Vegetables

If you don’t want raw vegetables in salad form, you may like the stir-fried version to eat with scallion pancakes. Traditional Chinese stir-frying cooking ensures both the taste and nutritional value.

Generally, these vegetable dishes consist of juicy tomatoes, creamy potatoes, tangy bell peppers, and crispy beans. When all these veggies are stir-fried they come up with something savory to have with the scallion pancakes. You can also eat the vegetable mix wrapped into the scallion pancake. If you’re a vegan, you can’t have a better wrap than this. Get soy sauce to enhance the flavor.

5. Cashew Chicken

Cashew chicken is high in protein and could go well with a starchy starter like the scallion pancakes. The cashews and chicken are also combined with peppers, broccoli, and green onions. They’re buttery and the sweetness is balanced with salt.

The cashew chicken isn’t heavy and could keep it light to let you have a few crunchy scallion pancakes. You can eat this combo as a light meal or before starting your meal.

6. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Scallion is a starchy appetizer. So while having scallion cakes and a side, you’ve to keep in mind that you don’t add up unnecessary calories. So fresh protein wrap like chicken lettuce could be an ideal choice as a side dish.

The ground chicken is sauteed with different herbs and spices which are later coated with hoisin sauce. Get this flavorful chicken wrap as your main course and scallion pancakes as your appetizer. Keep a sweet peanut sauce to tie up both dishes and help fill you up nicely.

7. Fried Beef with Sesame

The last suggestion for a scallion pancake side we have is one more meat dish. You can have the beef stir-fried in sesame oil or served with sesame seeds to make a protein-packed main course to go with these pancakes.

The stir-fried Chinese dishes often complement their pancakes. So you can even wrap the dish in your scallion pancake to eat it as a wrap. A ginger soy sauce can make it even more delightful and you’d love to try it out!

Final Words

Although we wrap things up here, the list of the sides to eat with scallion pancakes doesn’t end. We think they can be the perfect accompaniment for these pancakes considering the nature of the dish. But you can try more sides if you think they’re suitable for scallion pastries.

Here we’ve got some honorable mentions for you. You can try chicken teriyaki, scrambled eggs, or jasmine rice (if you want more carbs) with scallion pancakes. We’re sure these sides will enhance the dish more and give you the ultimate nourishment you’re looking for. With more sides, you can also try one after the other to enjoy your favorite scallion pancakes!

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