Smoker Tube Vs Smoker Box

Smoker Tube Vs Smoker Box: Don’t Miss Out The Differences!

Smoking meat is a skill that some people just happen to be better at than others. With smoker boxes and tubes, you can smoke your favorite BBQ on any grill with ease! 

A question you may be asking yourself is “what are smoker boxes and tubes?”. Basically, they hold wood chips or pellets for smoking on a gas grill.

A smoker tube is designed to hold wood pellets. In contrast, a smoker box is for crunchy smokers that prefer wood chips over pellets.

Do you feel like your smoker is just not doing the trick? Well, it’s time to learn more about them. Keep reading to learn more about which smoker (tube or box) is best for your needs.

Smoker Tubes

Smoker Tube

Some people call smoker tubes “pellet tubes”. Pellet tubes allow you to get the benefits of smoke and a slow-burning fire without even owning your own pellet grill.

Unlike traditional smoking, with pellet smokers, you can use hardwood pellets which are denser and more compressed than wood chips found in smoker boxes.

This means that they burn much slower for an extended period of time with less oxygen intake; resulting in better tasting food!

Benefits Of A Smoker Tube

Smoking food is not just for the hot summer days. In fact, you can use a pellet tube smoker to cold smoke foods. Cold smoking food is a lot like slow cooking, and it can give you an entirely new culinary experience.

It’s not always easy to expose your food directly to smoke without turning up the heat on your grill or smoker first.

One challenge of smoking your favorite cheeses is that the heat from cooking may eventually melt them, ruining any possibility for a tasty treat. But with this pellet tube smoker that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

You can take your portable pellet smoker anywhere with you! By placing it far away from the food, and even keeping some ice between it and your food, you don’t have to worry about anything cold ruining what could be a great meal.

Using a pellet smoker will help you create not only traditional BBQ, but also many other smokey foods. Not to mention that it does so without needing any expensive equipment like a high-priced grill or an outdoor one for smoking meat. 

How Does A Smoker Tube Work?

You can make your BBQ taste like a campfire with a pellet tube smoker. To make it work, you have to put wood pellets in the tube and then light them with matches or electricity, depending on how sophisticated your grill is.

This will release aromatic smoke into the air which has been shown to enhance the flavor of the meat while cooking! Anyone who knows what they’re doing can do it pretty easily. 

I wouldn’t recommend chips inside because they’ll go off before even lighting up because of their compressed nature (which gives them more oxygen).

Smoker Boxes

Smoker Box

Basically, a smoker box is a small rectangular box with slots on top. It’s like an old-fashioned fireplace, where you need lots of oxygen and heat to burn well.

You can put the wood chips on one side of a smoker box, and just enough air will flow through the slits on the other side. So they can smolder until all the yummy flavors are released into whatever food you’re cooking!

Wood chips are great in them and you can close them before putting them on a grill. They won’t smolder without proper oxygen, so don’t put pellets in a smoker box.

How Does A Smoker Box Work?

If you want to make your food taste like it was cooked over an open flame, a wood chip smoker box is the way to go.

Just fill up the box with chips of choice and place it on a grill. As it heats up, there are slits in the sides of the smoker so less oxygen reaches inside than a regular fire would allow.

This means not only does meat taste better but also smoky flavors can be added without an open flame for safety reasons. This way no one has to worry about the food getting burned.

If you put a lot of wood in the box and keep refilling it, you’ll get more smoke in the meat.

Benefits Of A Smoker Box

When you think about how much work goes into your food, it makes sense that some of the most flavorful dishes come from smoking in a smoker box.

The smoker box gives you the ability to apply smoke infusions onto any type of dish and grill with a venting system in place (which is what propane gas grills have).

There are many different types of wood chips that can be used for this device. You just need to check if they’re organic or not before adding them inside!

When you want to add a smoky flavor, place the smoker box right under your grill. The smoke will rise up and evenly coat all of your food with that delicious smoked taste!

And one tip, You don’t even need to soak the chips beforehand either; simply start by filling up as needed.

The Smoking Time Of Tubes Vs. Boxes

The Pellet Smoker Tube is the most efficient and economical smoker available. The smoker tube can provide a full day’s worth of smoke for up to 5 hours before needing your attention again, making it perfect for those who are always on the go!

You can smoke a lot of food quickly with smoker boxes. Only a smoker box is needed to make quick smoke, it’ll start in minutes! Most smoker boxes last 20-30 minutes at most, so convenience comes at the cost of flavor. If you’re into quick smoking, you should go with a smoker box.

Final words

The art of smoking has evolved over the centuries. People love the sweet, smokey flavors of a gas grill. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways to get these delicious flavors at home. And it all comes down to how much you like or need wood-smoked food in your diet. 

Smoker boxes are a great option for smokers who just want the occasional touch of smoke. 

If you’re craving savory bacon goodness all day long like me, pellet tube smokers might be the best investment.

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