Ranch Style Beans Substitute: Find Perfect Alternative Now!

Beans are staples in Mexican and Texan cuisine. Though a lot of dishes are made from beans, ranch style beans have become highly popular across the area. And this style is known for its smokiness and spicy character that comes from a lot of chili powder.

But if you can’t make ranch style beans from the ground up, a few substitute for ranch style beans can help you. We will introduce you to some of the most popular substitutes to have this great taste on your table. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Substitutes for Ranch Style Beans

Ranch style beans can be solely eaten as a dish or you can use this to make other items. Whatever you do, the following substitutes will save you from making these beans.

1. Bush’s Chili Beans

These chili beans come with a mild chili sauce that gives a nice heat to the beans. Also, the beans have a bit of tangy flavor, which comes from tomatoes. So, these beans will make an excellent substitute for ranch style beans.

You can either eat these beans directly or stuff them inside a burrito to have a complete meal. Adding other spices like onion powder, oregano, etc., will enhance the taste of these chili beans.

The dark red beans can soak so much flavor and make a delicious meal that is spicy and flavorful. If you add more heat to the dish, the texture and depth of the beans will increase to a great extent. You will find this bean in your nearby stores.

2. Rotel Beans

You will find different varieties of these beans. Some come in a mild flavor while other contains lime and cilantro to be more on the Mexican side. No matter the variety, these beans will always make a good substitute for ranch style beans.

Instead of adding chili powder to these beans, they add chili pepper to enhance the flavor profile. Diced chili peppers give heat and texture to the beans. Diced tomatoes are also added to the beans to give them their distinct tangy flavor.

As a result, the dish is a bit acidic, which can be combined with other spices. The amount of heat is balanced in these beans, but you always have the option to throw in some more heat and take the dish to a whole new level.

You will find these beans in your nearby stores or supermarkets.

3. Dried Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a great alternative to ranch style beans. These beans are dried, so you will need a lot of time to soak them before cooking. Often, it might take more than 12 hours to soak the beans to prepare them for cooking. So, when in a hurry, these beans won’t be the right choice.

But if you have enough time and you really want to taste ranch style beans, these pinto beans will be highly suitable. You can even make refried beans from these pintos to fill up your burritos or tacos.

These pinto beans are seasoned with sea salt that has a low sodium content. The sea salt will give these pinto beans a distinct flavor. Most of the starch will be washed out when you soak the beans, so the texture of the beans will be lighter than ranch style beans.

Dried pinto beans are available in your local stores.

4. Great Value Chilli Beans

These look like pinto beans, which is decisive. The red beans have a distinct taste and smell to go well with a lot of dishes, especially when you add the right blend of spices and seasonings.

Unlike other substitutes, these beans don’t contain any tomato or chili pepper. As a result, the taste of these beans comes completely from the chili powder. And as there is no tomato, the smoothness of these beans is less compared to the previous substitutes. So, you might miss the texture and richness of ranch style beans.

But still, this will be a good substitute for making quick burritos or nachos if you go out of other substitutes. Try finding it in your local stores.

5. Spicy Pinto Beans

These Mexican-style beans are quite spicy and will make a nice substitute for ranch style beans. These refried beans are partially mashed, which will give the gooey texture like the ranch style beans.

The beans come seasoned but you can add your own flavor to enhance the taste. Adding some splashes of lime or sprinkling some chopped cilantro will create new layers of taste to blow your mind.

You can even use ranch dressing mix with these beans to add some additional flavor and texture to them. Spicy pinto beans will easily go into any dish that you can make with ranch style beans.

Final Words

Classic ranch style beans can be easily made with a few ingredients. But you might not always have all the necessary ingredients to make those beans. So, why should you keep from eating those delicious beans or stuffing them into your burritos?

We mentioned some of the most popular Ranch Style Beans substitute so that you can easily make your favorite bean dishes with the least hassle. Search for these options in your local store and make some great beans with the spice of your choice. Some heat and acidity will always make these beans greater.

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