PK Grill Vs Weber Kettle

PK Grill Vs Weber Kettle: What Makes Them Different?

For grillers, charcoal grilling is a whole other experience. If you are one of the ones that are fond of charcoal grilling, you have come to the right place. Why? We will be holding combat amongst PK grill vs Weber Kettle.

If you are not new to the experience, you may know both grills are considered America’s best. And those who are still new will get some insight into why they are leading the market.

Since it is a competition among the finest, we will try to determine which stands out the most. So stay tuned to observe who wins between these two.

History Of The PK Grill

PK Grill

Before the new ideas of connecting gas into grills or turning wood into pellets came into the scenario, the charcoal grill was everything. It does not mean that it has become less popular at present. So how did the journey of PK grill start?

In the early 1950s Hilton Meigs, from Texas came up with what everyone considered the perfect barbeque grill. Hilton began manufacturing the grill on a small scale, with its ascending popularity. He used cast aluminum and a smoker in the making and named it ‘portable kitchen.’

The grill entered large-scale production when the design was bought by Lewis Hamlin in the 1960s, in Rock Arkansas. The production continued till the 1970s until it came to a halt.

Luckily, in 1998 the grill was discovered by a grill enthusiast Paul James. After 20 years of hiatus, PK grill came back to business again. The grills that we get to purchase today are almost identical to the original ones.

History Of The Weber Kettle

Weber Kettle

Weber kettle was designed during the year 1951. The first one was made by George Stephen Sr., the owner of a sheet metal business located in Chicago.

During the making, he used two half-sphere metal sheets. Soon after, he started to sell his invention in the name of ‘George’s Barbecue Kettle.’

The sale skyrocketed by 1952. With his business soaring by the late 1950s, Stephen bought the Weber Brothers factory and started to sell Weber kettles.

It was later named Weber-Stephen Products Co. The company now sells charcoal grills, gas grills, charcoal smokers, and outdoor electric grills.

PK Grill Vs Weber Kettle – Major Differences

differences between PK Grill and Weber Kettle

Undoubtedly, both the manufacturer produce excellent quality charcoal grills. However, there are some obvious differences which we have compiled here.

How do The Sizes Differ?

To begin with, the Pk grill comes with a cooking surface of 300 square inches, while Weber Kettle adds 63 inches in length, providing 17% of additional grilling spaces.

The Pk grill and Weber grill dimensions are 35.5 x 35 x 16 inches and 39.5 x 27 x 22 inches. We can see that the latter one is taller comparatively. Nevertheless, PK weighs more (45lbs) than Webber kettle( 32.3lbs), which gives it a heftier build.

The Design Differences

Pk grill has a silver-colored unit with four legs for support. You are allowed to open the lid fully. There is again a rack in the front of the lid handle. It acts as a small counter reducing the distance between the food and the plate.

Unlike Pk, the Weber kettle is three-legged. However, it does not necessarily mean less support. Webber kettle also comes with a removable cover. One best thing about the grill is that it contains a large charcoal container.

Underneath the cooking grate, there is an additional smaller grate. You can keep the charcoal and ash bucket here. Both the grills allow easy mobility and sufficient storage.

Which One’s Sturdier?

Pk grill contains cast aluminum in its body which explains why it is heavy. The Legs are straight. Among them, two legs have rubber coverings. It means the support is robust as well.

Pk is heavy, that does not mean that the Weber kettle is not sturdily built. The grill body is made of porcelain and plated steel with an aluminum lid. In addition, the three legs of the Weber kettle give enough support as they slant at right angles.

Ease Of Cleaning

The aluminum body of the Pk grill allows scrubbing of the grates and chamber thoroughly. The body does not get rust for sure. The parts of the Pk grills are detachable, making them easier to clean.

While Pk allows a heavy scrubbing, the Weber kettle comes with space where you can collect the ashes. It again means easy cleaning.

Ease Of Use

In terms of use, both are easy to handle. All you need to do is fill the bottom chambers with charcoal. Afterward, light them up, and the grills are ready to cook.

Both Pk and Weber Kettle are introduced with parts that allow easy operation. The lids used on Pk and Weber kettle are easily removable. Once again, you can effortlessly detach the grates on both grills.

However, the Weber kettle has a slightly hinged grate that allows more charcoal input. You do not need to take out the entire grate. So, worry less about readjusting the temperature over and over again.

In addition, the thin plate of the Weber kettle helps avoid opening the lid repeatedly. So how does the smoke escape? Well, the thin plate lets them slide sideways. Again, the ash bucket of this grill is a brilliant addition for hassle-free cleaning.

Meanwhile, you can easily separate each body part of the Pk grill from the other. It gives more convenience while moving it to different places and cleaning.

Moreover, the ventilation of the Pk grill is far from the handle that helps avoid the smoke from hitting the face. The wheels on both grills allow them to roll in different places with ease.

Advantages Of Pk Grill

  • Aluminum structure gives sturdy build
  • Parts are detachable
  • Lid is hinged
  • Extra tray or grate
  • Proper and safe ventilation

Advantages Of Weber Kettle

  • Sturdy structure from porcelain wall
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Removable ash bucket
  • Can control heat precisely
  • Easy cleaning system

The Bottom Line – Which One Is A Better Choice?

Judging from what Pk and the Weber kettle grills offer, it is difficult to claim which one is superior to the other. They are built excellently with various up-to-date facilities. Both the grills are immensely popular among charcoal grillers. It is indeed hard to pick a favorite.

However, getting into the details, one may find the Pk grill more outdated than the Weber kettle. Moreover, Pk is also comparatively more expensive.

The Weber kettle is a more modern choice. It comes with various available accessories to enhance the grilling experience. Nevertheless, there is no right or wrong choice! It depends on personal preference.

So who should go for Pk? The ones with an eye for aesthetic, simplicity, and sturdy design. PK is once again is more durable.

The Weber kettle, in contrast, should be a pick for grillers who wants more advanced facilities. In addition, the Weber kettle has more spaces to hold charcoals and an ash catcher to avoid mess.

Finally, it all comes down to what you want as a griller. Both Pk and Weber Kettle allow fantastic functionality and advanced features. While the Pk grill is robustly built, Weber is more modern. So now you are the one who should decide which suits you the best and make your choice.

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