Top 4 Peruvian Restaurant In Miami [Based On Yelp Reviews]

Miami is among the top 5 US metropolitan areas with the greatest number of Peruvians. It need not say that the city hosts some of the greatest Peruvian cuisines in the world.

With over a dozen popular Peruvian restaurant in Miami, some stand out from the rest. However, if you’re just in for the experience of trying out the best one in town, then today is your lucky day.

I’ve listed five of the greatest in all of Miami after doing some research on them and testing them out for myself. I’ll go into more detail about these places in this article to offer you a more in-depth understanding, so you can choose the best for you!

Best Peruvian Restaurants In Miami [Top 4 Recommendation in 2023]

Miami being one of the most expensive cities in the US is quite affordable when it comes to Peruvian food. Below are my handpicked 5 best Peruvian restaurants in Miami Fl. However, there are not ranked to order, and thus, go for the one that suits your interest the best.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out!

#1. La Mar By Gaston Acurio

Operating hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am–3:30pm & 6–11pm; Sun noon–3:30pm & 6–11pm

The location of a restaurant might reveal a lot about it, or at least about its goals. We may infer that La Mar’s food, service, and ambiance are of the highest caliber given that it is housed within the Mandarin Oriental, one of Miami’s most opulent hotels.

But even with its magnificent position, the restaurant lacks credibility without Gaston Acurio’s name above the door. Diego Oka, a skilled apprentice of Gastón Acurio, manages the cuisine at La Mar. Oka often changes the menu based on his inspiration from travel and the changing seasons. 

His whims have given place to iconic dishes like the Chicha Morada beef, which is carefully cooked and prepared with traditional Peruvian spices, and the tiradito Bachicha, which itself is snapper delicately coated with aged parmesan cheese. 

Presentation is important at La Mar, not to be surpassed by the restaurant’s distinct viewpoint. Having considered the variety of foods available and the quality served, the restaurant’s pricing point is relatively reasonable despite its posh setting.

La Mar’s ceviche, pisco sours, and contemporary take on Peruvian street cuisine have constantly been ranked as some of the best of any authentic Peruvian restaurant in Miami, according to both customers and critics.

Regulars here recommend eating a few appetizers before the main dishes so you may sample a variety of bite-sized amounts and move on. Additionally, I recommend that you reserve a room for dessert. The sweets are well-liked.

Address: 500 Brickell Key Dr Miami

#2. Salmon & Salmon

Operating Hours: Sun 12pm-9pm, Mon to Sat 12pm-10pm

While many of Miami’s Peruvian eateries have switched to the more modern type of Peruvian cuisine, Salmon & Salmon has remained true to the earlier Limeo establishments that served traditional Creole cuisine while modeling themselves after classic European eateries.

However, the Chicharrón de Pescado starter, which is a mound of breaded and fried fish slices topped with a tangle of sarsa criolla, could be the greatest thing on the menu. Ask for the off-menu combination of lomo saltado on the topping of a sizable platter of Tacu Tacu, a bowl of crunchy fried rice, and beans cake, as your entrée.

Tacu Tacu is one of the most challenging Peruvian foods to prepare since it will all fall apart if you don’t turn this rice and beans cake in the pan precisely. The fact that Salmon Salmon’s rendition arrives at the table flat, resembling a Spanish tortilla, shows that they only cooked one side.

Address: 2907 NW 7th St, Miami

#3. Itamae

Operating Hours: Sun 12 pm –5 pm, Mon-Sat 12–3:30 PM, 5:30–10 PM

As far as we’re concerned, Itamae is the epicenter of Miami’s raw fish world and the greatest representation of Nikkei cuisine in the area, which combines Japanese and Peruvian influences in meals such as ceviche, and sushi, tiradito, and many more.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you’ll come across these same meals since Itamae is one of those restaurants where the menu varies virtually every day depending on the season, the availability of products, and the chefs’ da Vinci-like imaginations. 

Itamae also has some nice outside dining in a courtyard that is sunny and is surrounded by attractive buildings. Additionally, due to its location in the Design District, there also is outrageous influencer watching and well-spaced tables.

A magical tiradito and the undeniably greatest dessert menu in Miami can all be enjoyed at this restaurant, which is incredibly adaptable for a variety of occasions. It’s casual enough for a fast lunchtime in gym shorts, and also perfectly suitable for any kind of special event. 

Eat alone or with a companion at the terrazzo sushi bar inside while enjoying hip-hop, sake, and squabbling over the last morsel of that tiradito. However, I can promise you one thing no matter when you visit: one of the best seafood sensations in Miami.

Address: 140 NE 39th St Suite 136, Miami

#4. Ranchito Mi Peru 2

Operating Hours: Mon to Thu 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-11.30pm, Sat to Sun 8am-9pm

In Miami, Ranchito Mi Peru 2 is a genuine Jaurique—a classic eatery supplying filling, traditional fare. Even though they are often the most reasonably priced restaurants in Lima, they are nonetheless well-liked by people from all socioeconomic classes.

The best way to experience this restaurant for the cherished but elusive classic cuisine is on the weekends. On Saturdays, they serve the fantastic Afro-Peruvian delicacy Chanfainita, a stew of diced potatoes, and minced cow lung in a hot Aj Panca sauce.

The Bofe in this dish is supple and just a little chewy, which makes a lovely contrast to the potato powder. Pachamanca a la olla, an Andean meal of different meats marinated in local herbs, potatoes, maize, and somewhat sweet humitas boiled together in a pot; is one of the Sunday delicacies.

Address: 2102 NW 22nd Ct, Miami

In Miami you can found also:


One of the finest weekend options is to enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine and the atmosphere there. Each of these four Miami Peruvian restaurants offers something special and different. But to say that they are the only ones you ought to try would be wrong.

Miami is a diverse city, and I would personally recommend that you explore the multi-cultural experiences it provides. But if you’re planning for a good time enjoying Peruvian food, do check out the ambiance along with the menu. Because trust me, the environment can affect your experience a lot!

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