Japanese Restaurants in Napa Valley

5 Best Japanese Restaurants in Napa Valley You Must Visit

What happens if you suddenly crave Japanese sushi or sashimi during your Napa Valley trip? Finding a Japanese restaurant here is not easy. But this is why we are here.

In this article, we have figured out top 5 Japanese restaurants in Napa Valley that can bring you authentic Japanese dishes.

We will be talking about how good their food and service is, what amenities and ambiance you could expect, and how you can locate them. So let’s get started!

Our Selected Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in Napa Valley

Below we have stated some of the best-served and rated Japanese restaurants in Napa Valley. Before you go and visit one randomly to end up regretting it, have a look at our recommendations. You can thank us later!

#1. Kenzo Napa

Kenzo napa is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Napa Valley. It all started when Natsuko and Kenzo wanted to share real Japanese food with the world; they opened Kenzo Napa in 2016.

Natsuko, who previously oversaw the management of five Kenzo Estate restaurants in Japan, is now in charge of all things, including operational, promotional, and aesthetic, at Kenzo Napa.


Kenzo Napa is famous for its attractive food presentation. The restaurant holds all the criteria to form the best Japanese cuisine in the town. You will be surprised to know the daily fish that is cooked in this restaurant is bought directly from the biggest fish market in Japan.

One of the special dishes you can have in this restaurant is wagyu beef. It comes with a perfect texture of spices, and the overwhelming sweetness will melt your mouth. With the wagyu beef, you can also have a Kenzo cabernet which costs around $70.

Apart from this, you can also have Seasonal Hassun, Seared Yamagata Sawara Mackerel, Nagasaki Abalone Owan, Grilled Yamaguchi Tilefish, and Hyogo Seabream Sashimi. Each of the items is tasty enough to make you crazy.

Moreover, you also have the chef’s featured dessert, where you can find a variety of sweets. Lastly, you can also find some classic wines.

Offers Takeout



1339 Pearl St Napa, CA 94559

Opening hours

  • Tues- Thurs (6.00 p.m- 8.30 p.m)
  • Fri-Sun(5.30 p.m -8.30 p.m)

#2. Hal Yamashita

Napa is the location of the first restaurant that the Japanese chef Hal Yamashita, originally from Kyoto, has opened in the United States. His first establishment, Nadaban Dining, opened in Kobe, where he was born and raised. In 2004, he opened Hal Yamashita in Roppongi before his latest opening here in Napa.


Incredibly, the restaurant’s menu is even better than it sounds. Indulge in the Chawan-Mushi, which is served with savory steamed egg custard and clams. This restaurant serves a delicious Hamachi Carpaccio that is topped with sesame, beets, and onions.

The Grilled Black Cod is currently the most sought-after dish on the menu. The cod has been marinated in miso and then topped with parmesan cheese and bottarga. What you have here is a unique take on traditional miso cod, and it tastes fantastic.

Again, the flavored mushrooms and winter squash in the Miso Soup make it a great first-course option. The Negihama roll and the Spicy Tuna roll are both great options for the appetizer course.

Matcha ice cream is the cherry on top, so give it a try when you’re done with the main course.


1300 Main St Suite 100 Napa, CA 94559

Offers Takeout


Opening hours

Wed-Mon (5.00 P.M- 10.00 P.M)

#3. Morimoto Napa

Morimoto Napa is one of six restaurants around the world owned by the renowned chef Masaharu Morimoto, who is recognized by millions of people as the star of the television shows Iron Chef and Iron Chef America.

It first opened its doors in the summer of 2010 in Napa, which is its first restaurant on the west coast. Waikiki, Boca Raton, Mumbai/New Delhi, Philadelphia, and New York, are some of the other locations the restaurant has its branches.


Are you confused about what to start with in Morimoto? You could start your meal with cocktails and whitefish carpaccio. That would be a great combination. One bite is all you need to realize how incredibly fresh the fish is.

The next item you can try from the menu is Sashimi Combination, and the fish is very freshly prepared. The Black Cod in a Braised Sauce is a great option for the main dish because it is extremely tender, full of flavor, and almost melts in your mouth.

Toban Yaki, which was yet another fantastic type of seafood, could be smelled coming from around the corner due to how deliciously fresh it is.

In the meantime, you should try the otoro, which is seared to perfection. It disintegrates into nothingness the moment it enters the mouth.


610 Main St Napa, CA 94559

Offers Takeout


Opening hours

Mon – Fri (12 P.M – 8 P.M)
Sat and Sun (12 P.M- 9 P.M)

#4. Shige Sushi Express Meridian

Shige Japanese Cuisine was the first Japanese restaurant to open in downtown Boise in 1992. Executive Chef Shige Matsuzawa and his wife, Debbie opened the restaurant to provide customers with the most authentic Japanese dining experience possible in Boise.

After operating Shige Sushi in Boise for close to twenty-six years, the Matsuzawas moved the business to its current location in Meridian, Napa, with the name Shige Sushi Express and running it with the same pride.


This is a good choice for a more intimate gathering if you are searching for a sushi restaurant in Napa or Sonoma, places where very few such options are available. Because it is run by a family and is not overly large, the atmosphere is filled with genuine warmth and friendliness.

Agedashi tofu, hamachi carpaccio, and edamame are the three starters that come highly recommended by us. Agedashi tofu has a coating similar to mochi on the soft tofu, and it is fried in a nice broth.

The tempura has a thin coating of batter and a wide variety of ingredients, including zucchini, squash, green beans, onion rings, yam, and shrimp. The gyoza is grilled to perfection here, achieving a pleasant char flavor that contributes to the dish’s overall appeal.

Even though the cooked dishes and appetizers are all delicious, the nigiri could be the standout dish of the evening because it is so incredibly fresh, and the fish is so wonderfully tender. And the portions are just the right amount.

In conclusion, if you want a wonderful finish, you should try black sesame ice cream with black sugar sauce.


19161 Sonoma Hwy Sonoma, CA 95476

Offers Takeout


Opening hours

Tues-Sat (11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM)

#5. Eiko’s Napa

The traditional dishes of Japanese cuisine are given a creative new spin at Eiko’s Modern Japanese Restaurant, which originates in Brazil, and serves as the primary decorative feature of the eatery. It divides the main dining room from the lounge area of the building.

The cuisine at these restaurants has garnered a lot of praise from customers. Their spicy trio roll, sashimi, tsunami roll, dinner, hamachi bons, and amaebi nigiri are all fantastic. The sushi rolls are really underwhelming, and the rice has a texture that is somewhere between wet mochi and sticky.

Following that, you should try sashimi, which consistently comes in first place. It has a texture that is almost like mush.

Your next course could be the amaebi nigiri, which is another dish at this restaurant that will blow your mind. The hamachi bon bons are the best thing that you can try, but in this instance, the wet cement rice may have worked in this appetizer’s favor.


1300 1st St Ste 385 Napa, CA 94559

Offers Takeout


Opening hours

Mon-Sat (11 A.M – 12 P.M)

Difference types of restaurant you can find in Napa Valley:


The information in this article should help you make some decisions about where and how to satisfy your Japanese food cravings.

We’ve already established that the above restaurants are the finest examples of Japanese cuisine in Napa Valley. But keep in mind that not everybody has the same tastes when it comes to food. Variation is a hallmark of the human race.

Don’t be disheartened if a regular meal puts a damper on your palate. Just go for any other option you like.

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