Instant Pot Vs Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker vs. Instant Pot: Head-to-Head Differences Between Them!

Life is getting busier every day. Saving time means saving money! In between your busy schedule, you’ll definitely need some time to prepare food. And food preparation has got a new approach with Instant pot.

It is receiving a lot of positive feedback. Because it can help you to save a considerable amount of time and replacing a number of kitchen gadgets like rice cooker, pressure cooker, frying pan, muffin pan, cooking vessel,  steamer, etc. But the question arises,  can you cook comparably better with an instant pot or individual cooking gadgets?

To find out your answer,  keep reading this article. I will provide you with a comprehensive picture of both i.e. rice cooker and instant pot. Later on, you will be able to decide,  which caters to your needs more fruitfully.

Rice Cooker – A Remarkable Invention!

Rice Cooker

Back in 1955, rice cookers were first introduced. Soon it became popular due to its easy handling nature. Manufacturers started to invest in this to dig into the market. You might have seen a rice cooker in every other household.

It can cook any type of rice perfectly without supervision or any other interference, unlike the stovetop cooking process. But a rice cooker is not a versatile kitchen appliance. You can use it to cook rice mainly,  along with a few other grains.  It can not be used as a pressure cooker or steamer.  

Instant Pot – The Magical Kitchen Gadget!

Instant Pot

Instant Pot was launched in 2010 for the first time and it got rave reviews immediately. It has a multi-cooking feature that means you can use it as your rice cooker or sautéing pan or pressure cooker, or literally, any cooking task can be accomplished.

So this all-in-one gadget can speed up the cooking process notably. Also, different sizes are available in the market,  so you can cook a huge amount of meals in one go.

Differences Between Instant Pot and Rice Cooker

Differences between Instant Pot and Rice Cooker

If you go to the supermarkets or hypermarkets, you’ll find rice cookers and instant pots in the same aisles. Though they look similar, there are some key differences.

Basically, a rice cooker is mainly used to cook rice,  whereas an instant pot can be used for multiple types of cooking processes.

Instant pots can cook rice exactly like a rice cooker,  along with other food products. So an instant pot is a rice cooker along with more functional features and the potential to replace more than a couple of kitchen appliances.

You can go through the following features to get a clear picture of the differences between the instant pot and rice cooker.

a) Cooking Options

As you already know, you can cook a variety of dishes with a single instant pot. It’s magical multi-cooking equipment having more than 7 different cooking techniques.

You will be able to cook rice, slow cook different types of stews, pressure cook any meat dishes, set up yogurt, pot roast, or even bake cakes on it.

It’s a good value for money as you can cook a vast range of meals within a short period of time and simply by pressing the button.

On the other hand, rice cookers are mostly assigned to cook rice. Few other grains can be cooked,  for example, porridge, risotto, soft beans, oats, etc. Recently, some rice cookers have multi-functional attributes but they are not as versatile as instant pots.

b) Reliability and durability

It is important to know how much safer kitchen appliances are for you. The traditional pressure cookers were not reliable enough, they involved high risk if the pressure release option malfunctioned. But an instant pot is not dangerous for you.

It is structured to have an outer pot, along with an inner pot made of stainless steel; the lid is designed with a valve to release hot steam from time to time.

So it prevents you from getting steam burned. There’s a food safety mode to maintain the temperature needed to keep your food bacteria-free and safe.

On the contrary, the rice cooker is also a safe and sound appliance but the lid is not sealed. It can not release the steam automatically unlike instant pot. You should wait for a couple of minutes after the cooking process is complete to avoid steam burning.

c) Cooking mechanism

The instant pot uses steam to cook like a rice cooker but it has pressure cooking technology. You can use different amounts of pressure for different types of food as the lid is sealed.

If you’re a busy working schedule, it is a must-have for you as cooking requires a comparatively short period. In addition, the digital controller allows you to provide required instruction and leave it aside to do the job automatically.

Whereas rice cookers are manually operated, though it shifts to ‘keep warm’ mode automatically after the rice is cooked. It takes more time and energy to use a rice cooker because it does not have pressure.

d) Cleaning method

Both rice cooker and instant pot have easy cleaning procedures. Most rice cookers have a removable inner pot made of non-stick materials.

After cooking, take out the pot and clean the remaining debris with a washcloth or dishwashing sponge. Then hand washes it or you can use a dishwasher as it’s dishwasher proof.

Instant pot also has dishwasher-proof parts, such as the gasket and the rim outside the pot. Each part is easily removable. The interior is made of stainless steel or sometimes non-stick materials. So you can rub away excessive oil or dirt effortlessly.

Which one to buy – instant pot or rice cooker?

The answer is solely depending on your purpose and frequency of use. Both the appliances have their own pros and cons.

If you mostly cook rice and you have enough time to cook the rest of the dishes, a rice cooker is probably a suitable one. Every time it will cook perfect rice as it’s designed specifically for that.

On the other hand, the multi-cooking instant pot comes in handy when you’re supposed to prepare various types of meals in a short span of time.

It can be your best friend during busy schedules. Although instant pots are a bit more expensive than rice cookers, the extra amount is offset by the vast array of features in them.

Hope this article helps you to find the answers and make your purchase decision easier.

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