Sharpen Ceramic Blades

How To Sharpen Ceramic Blades?

Ceramic blades are well-known as one of the sharper blades among all of us. It is manufactured with zirconium oxide, which makes it a stronger blade that won’t get full easily.

But they won’t remain the same forever. If you are using the ceramic blade for a long time, it will eventually get dull and become less sharpener. 

At this point, you must be wondering if the ceramic blades can be sharpened. Then yes, it definitely can. You can sharpen it at home by yourself.

In that case, we came here to help you so that you can sharpen the ceramic blades easily and efficiently. We will also give you an entire description of the ceramic blade in this article. 

Therefore, let’s jump to our writing piece with no delay. 

What Is A Ceramic Blade?

First, let me introduce you to the ceramic blades. A ceramic blade is a heavy-duty blade that comes with utility knives that lets the blade get the job done easily.

It is manufactured with an extremely strong and hard material, which is 100% zirconium oxide and zirconia powder. It is also known as engineered ceramics or advanced ceramics.

As the zirconium oxide has a harder level than the steel. So it works excellently with the ceramic blades. Well, the ceramic blades usually have harder edges. 

A Complete Guide Of Sharpening The Ceramic Blade:

Sharpen Ceramic Blades

Necessary Equipment You Will Need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Diamond wheel sharpener
  • Water for lubrication 
  • Diamond sharpening rod
  • Diamond sharpener stone
  • Ceramic blade sharpener system
  • Electric Blade Sharpener
  • Waterstones
  • Whetstones
  • Magnifying glass for check

Safety First

In order to sharpen the ceramic blades, you must need to be very careful at first. Make sure to wear a pair of gloves so that your hand or finger won’t cut accidentally. 

Sharpening for Beginners

If you are planning to sharpen the ceramic blade on your own, then you need to follow some basic things. First, you need to get a diamond sharpener that can cost around 10 bucks.

You can also buy a diamond wheel sharpener or diamond sharpener rod as well. Those types of sharpeners are available in any type of woodworking stores, hardware stores, sporting goods stores, or online stores. You just need to go through a lot of effort for a better result.

Get a Harder Sharpener for the Ceramic Blade

As you know, the ceramic blade is quite tough to sharpen. At this point, you should get a strong sharpener that is harder than the ceramic and the steel. Otherwise, you can’t do the task properly.

So, you have to ensure that you are using the right one such as the diamond sharpener. You can use a 200-grit diamond sharpener for the big chips for ages.

Moreover, depending on the dullness and size of the blade, you can also use the 600-grit, 1,000-grit, and 1.500-grit diamond sharpener as well.

How To Sharpen A Ceramic Blade

First, let’s get to know about the manual sharpening method of the ceramic blade. In that case, you need to apply water to the sharpener.

Now, you have to put the sharpener on an even, flat, and non-slip surface. Make sure to hold the blade carefully. 

Well, now put the edge of the blade on the stone at a correct angle that is close to the handle. You have to ensure that you won’t apply any pressure at all. Besides, make sure to check that you aren’t pushing down to the stone.

After that, push the blade forward carefully away from you. Then sliding toward the tip to slide the entire edges with the stone. Then, the blade needs to be lifted from the sharpener.

Finally, put the blade back at the starting position. You have to repeat it at least six times. And now, you are done sharpening your ceramic blade. Just keep in mind that, never use oil while sharpening the ceramic blades. 

Using the Diamond Sharpening Stone

You already know that the diamond sharpening stone can be the best manual option for sharpening the ceramic blade. The diamond sharpening stone comes with an electroplated surface.

The electroplated surface can make it harder enough so that it can drudge away the edges of the ceramic blade efficiently. 

The diamond sharpening stone comes with a diamond-encrusted surface. It can be ideal for removing the thinness of the ceramic from the ceramic blade very efficiently. Then you can get a fresh sharp edge for the blade.

You can go for the following diamond-sharpening grits:

  • Coarse (200)
  • Medium (600)
  • Fine (1000 or higher than that)

Using the Electric Blade Sharpener

Electric blade sharpener makes the sharpening of the ceramic blades easier. An electric ceramic blade sharpener is somewhat expensive.

Besides, it is able to sharpen the ceramic edges precisely. The Kyocera advanced ceramic electric diamond knife sharpener can do a better job of sharpening your ceramic tool. 

The sharpener is basically a battery-powered device that can easily remove up to 0.5-millimeter nicks. You need to carry the sharpener with your hand and the blade in another hand.

Then make sure to pull both sides of the blades against the sharpening tool. Finally, you can check it with a magnifying glass so that there aren’t any nicks and then examine it by cutting a piece of hard paper or anything. 

Using the Tool Sharpener

It would be a great idea if you are using the work sharp knife, and tool sharpener to sharpen the ceramic blade.

It can be a little bit expensive but it will be worth it. If you get the sharpener you can use it to sharpen all types of blades easily. 

You can find it quite difficult at first, but eventually, you will get used to it. You need to lay a towel on the surface. Then place the sharpener carefully. After that make sure to insert the grit abrasive belt.

Make sure to hold the blade with one hand sensibly and the tool with the other hand. Then you have to slide the blade 4-5 times on both sides.

Eventually, you have to make the grit abrasive belt higher as you want. Until you feel that you aren’t done with the sharpening properly, continue the process.


Coming to the end, we can say that make sure to look after the ceramic knife all the time. It would be great if you can store it in their own container to keep it safe.

After that, you can always sharpen the ceramic blade, and work with them efficiently. 

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