Glass Kettle Vs Stainless Steel Kettle

Glass Kettle Vs Stainless Steel Kettle: Which One Should Be A Choice For You?

Electric kettles are one of the most common appliances in every household. You need boiling water for tea, coffee, or other beverages, for cooking, for sterilization, or cleaning. So it is used frequently. Electric kettles as the name suggest requiring electrical power to operate.

It has a heating system installed inside and you just need to plug it into a socket to use it. One advantage is that it can boil water much faster than the traditional stovetop kettles and is a safer option if you have children around.

There are numerous versions of electric kettles available in the market. Some have glass bodies and others stainless steel. Lead lightning or whistles are attached with some models.

More modernized categories have options to heat water at different temperatures for different types of tea. You can enjoy a vast array of beverages at home or work anytime.

If you’re interested to buy a new electric kettle or replace the used one, read through the article. We’ll discuss the two most prominent types- electric glass kettle and electric stainless steel kettle.

Glass Kettle – The Stylish One!

Glass Kettle

Glass kettles are made of tempered glass or borosilicate glass, an element that can handle high temperatures and is not breakable easily.

So it is safer to use. These are the most fashionable kettles available in the market, enhancing the beauty of your kitchen. The aesthetic design of the glass body makes it look like a decoration piece.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of using an electric glass kettle.


1. Glass kettles have a quite sophisticated look. Anyone will love the polished and sleek designed kettles to use.

2. You can easily clean up your glass kettle. It has a transparent glass structure, so you can see if any kind of waste material is stored and clean it immediately. The remnants can be removed easily from the nonstick glass surface.

3. It is durable and user-friendly. The borosilicate glass body enables you to check the water level and inner environment of the kettle. You can keep an eye on the color of the tea liquor.  Also, it’s safe to touch the outer thermal body as you will not feel the heat.

4. The glass used to make glass kettles is deterioration-free. These high-quality materials will not rust or oxidize. So you can use them for years.


1. Despite being sleek, the glass kettles are heavily weighted. It’s not very convenient to carry them with you. And you need to be extra careful not to drop them, and get scratches on the beautiful glass body or even shatter it entirely.

2. Glass kettles are a bit more pricey compared to stainless steel kettles or any other option available. It offers a stylish-looking design along with many extra features, so you’ll need to pay more to buy it.

3. The cleaning process can be tricky and more frequent. You need to be prompt while cleaning your glass kettle and that too in regular intervals to maintain a spotless sterile look.

Stainless Steel Kettle – The Handy One!

Stainless Steel Kettle

You might probably have already used an electric stainless steel kettle as this is the most commonly used one. The body is solely made of stainless steel through the handle, holder and sometimes the lid is made of plastic.

There are endless types of steel kettles- different sizes, colors, capacities. You can easily find a suitable one for you. The price is quite affordable and they do perform well for years.

Talking about the stainless steel kettles, these kettles have a design that uses only stainless steel. They are the most popular types available in the market and you will find them easily.

The best part is that they are available in various sizes and at the same time, they are also available in a lot of different designs styles.

These are highly durable and they are neither very expensive. We will read about the possible advantage and disadvantages of stainless steel kettles here. 


1. Stainless steel kettles are highly durable. The steel body structure is not easily breakable, so you can use it heavily for a longer period. Also, the price range is pretty much affordable, making it a popular choice among the customers.

2. You’ll find a variety of options and can pick the right one for you.  Many brands are there offering different features and sizes.

3. Steel kettles are lightweight compared to glass ones. So they are easily portable. You can carry them while out for work or travel.

4. The steel structure has double metal coatings inside,  making it safe to touch even when boiling water.

5. You have easy cleaning options as the steel kettles have removable filters inside.


1. The steel body is certainly not a see-through one. You need to open up the lid each time you want to check the water level. It’s not visible from the outside.

2. You need to rinse it off after each use to avoid residue sitting on the bottom.

3. If used for years, steel bodies can catch rust. So you might need a new one then.


As we have already understood,  electronic kettles are it glass or steel, outperform the traditional stovetop kettles. Electric kettles can heat water much faster than stovetop kettles. You just need to check the water level from time to time.

Different varieties of kettles are available in the shops. You need to seek out your needs to pick the right suit for you. For example, if you want something stylish looking and you agree to pay some extra for it, you can choose a glass kettle.

On the other hand, if you want a highly durable kettle for your kitchen and have a specific budget, a stainless steel kettle might be good for you. Hope this content helps you with your choice.

Go through the advantages and disadvantages of both types of kettles, before choosing one. Let us know by commenting below if it was helpful for you or not.

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