Designer Erin Martin from Redd Wood Pizza Restaurant in Yountville

A decidedly unique restaurant in Yountville, Redd Wood features notable St. Helena-based interior designer Erin Martin’s signature contemporary, industrial-chic style.

Martin layers raw elements of unfinished stone, steel, glass, and wood, creating texture while providing a warm, neutral color palette. All boldly scaled, custom-fabricated pieces sit side-by-side one of a kind salvaged objects for an overall design that is simultaneously modern, grounded and comfortable.

The “Wappo Hill”-emblazoned mailbox at the center of the custom-fabricated wine wall of cut metal tubing, homage to the Mondavi family, illustrates Redd Wood’s wine country roots. In the dining room, exposed wooden lathe lining walls, mismatched chairs, and curious-found pieces create an impression of spontaneity and a comfortable, relaxed ambiance.

Provocative hand-written quotes inscribed surreptitiously throughout the space inspire conversation. Offering seating for 10, the room-within-a-room design of the bar invites intimate opportunities for socializing. Outdoor tables provide seating for 20 along Yountville’s charming downtown. A large scale, 9′ x 10′ steel door leads to a private dining room.

Behind the Scenes: Take a look at how Redd Wood’s giant steel door was created.