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Best Thin Waffle Maker: Buying Guide 2022 (Updated)

We all search for comfort food when we feel down and need an urgent dopamine boost, and nothing does the job better than waffles. The best thing about waffles is how they can be comfort food and a delicacy.

However, to convert them into a delicacy, you need the help of specific tools. Among them, you must have the best thin waffle maker to ensure that every piece of waffle has a consistent texture and look.

When it comes to cooking, the look and smell of the dish matter a lot besides the taste, hence, you need these waffle makers to make your dessert stand out. If you are worried about such a tool and need answers, you have come to the right place!Invalid table id.

5 Best Thin Waffle Maker Reviews

To make things easy for you, we took the liberty to gather some very interesting waffle makers that will certainly catch your attention.

1. DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker: Waffle Iron 1200W

Whenever you have waffles from a restaurant, you wonder, “why are home-made waffles never this good?” Well, let us tell you that you can get the perfect waffles at home and all you need is a brilliant machine.

In this case, the DASH waffle maker is perfect. It has all the features needed to dish out a soft waffle but has a convenient size to use at home. And it is only 12.5 inches in length and 11.3 inches in breadth, so it should make the perfect sized waffle for a family of four.

The smaller size also makes it convenient for storage as we all know that a home kitchen needs all the storage possible! However, several waffle makers pose this issue where the waffle gets stuck to the surface, and when you try to take it out, it breaks.

Thus you never get the restaurant quality. But, this model has a non-stick surface because of a compound name PFOA. It helps the batter to rise properly but remains separate from the pan.

As a result, you will also find that cleaning the interior is much easier than many models. It also reduces the chances of harmful substances that might get stuck to your food when it gets stuck to the pan.

This model also has several thoughtful designs such as an overflow channel so that when you press on the liquid batter, it does not spill outside the machine. Instead, it remains inside and forms a crunchy edge, which we all love!

It also has a unique handle that lets you hold the product but protects you from the heat. Other safety features, such as the rubber feet, ensure that the product does not move.


  • Convenient size
  • Heat-protection features
  • Prevents overflow
  • Non-sticky pan
  • LED indicator


  • Locking portion might get too hot

2. ChefSChoice 840 WafflePro Taste / Texture Select Waffle Maker Traditional Five Of Hearts

The best part about making waffles at home is the freedom to combine any flavor you want, and it makes you an instant hit among your kids! However, you can even play with the shape of the waffle. How may you ask?

Well, the waffle maker from Chef’sChoice has a cool little design to its pan. It is a circular pan with the edges shaped like a flower. So, the cooked waffle looks like a flower instead of a boring square shape!

However, do not think that the new shape of the product will degrade the quality. It still has all the features to cook a waffle deliciously. The pan is a non-stick material that will not cause the bread to crumble. Moreover, waffle makers usually have a temperature problem.

Once you bake a waffle, it becomes too hot for the next piece. But with this tool, you will not have such issues because of the fast temperature adjustment system. So, you can quickly flip and start a new waffle!

It even offers an option to make the dish more soft and squishy or more crunchy. Whether your kids like a crispy waffle edge or a softer version, this machine can deliver, while still making sure that you do not overflow.

However, to ensure that every waffle that comes out of the machine looks uniform, it has a floating top. This design makes sure that the batter spreads across the mold evenly. It is especially needed for this model, as its shape is unique.

Other convenient features of this best thin crispy waffle maker include a small built-in storage box where you can keep the cord. That way, you will never lose the extension.


  • Pan has a unique shape
  • Waffle will not get stuck
  • Built-in storage
  • Floating top for even coverage
  • Heat-adjusting system


  • Might have issues while making a thick waffle

3. Pokemon Poke Ball Waffle Iron

When it comes to children, it can be tough to appeal to their tastebuds. Sometimes even desserts like muffins or cupcakes and waffles do not work. However, the easiest trick to make them excited about food is to turn it into a fun cartoon.

The Pokemon waffle iron lets you do that in the simplest way possible! Moreover, growing up, almost every kid had an obsession with Pokemon, so this shape fits right in. As you can tell, this iron is circular.

But it has small little cubes on the inside to make the classic waffle shape, which is also crucial for retaining the taste of a waffle. Without the cube shapes, the waffle might as well become a pancake.

It also helps you get crispier edges, and you get multiple textures, which makes the food even more exciting. However, most products that mimic some form of cartoons can be a gimmick or even hazardous.

But this model is completely BPA free, which means it is food safe. So, heat for the cooking and moisture from the batter will not cause the surface to peel and seep inside the food.

It is also non-stick, so you can easily take the cooked waffle out of the pan without greasing the surface beforehand. However, be cautious while taking the waffle out as the pan can be quite hot.

Moreover, the pan is cast aluminum, which helps the product to remain lightweight. Also, the exterior is not heavy, and overall it weighs about 2 lbs. The size of this iron is quite small as well, only 10 inches in length. So, it is perfect for a home kitchen.


  • Makes waffles in the shape of poke balls
  • BPA free and food safe
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a 3-inch long power cord
  • Can form crispy edges and a soft body


  • Cannot make big waffles

4. All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker

Some people are extremely finicky when it comes to waffles, and they want a specific amount of browning on their dish. But usually, a simple waffle maker cannot help you with that as it has only one or two settings.

Fortunately, you have the All-Clad waffle maker with seven different browning settings! So, however crunchy or soft you need the waffle to be, this baby can do it. Of course, the machine needs advanced technology for cooking with such precision.

Hence it has an intricate heating system that ensures that the waffle gets baked homogeneously. Consequently, you get the same color throughout the waffle, on both sides!

The shape of this machine is round, and the pan is also round. So, you will get the classic waffle shape plus the crispy edges. It does not take much time to cook, but if you want extreme browning, it might take some time.

Like any standard waffle machine, this best classic thin waffle maker also has a food-safe pan that is also non-stick. So, pour the batter without any worry, and you will always get a fluffy dish at the end that will not break.

Cleaning this product also becomes very easy since it is non-stick. You can rub it with any dish-washer, and the pan will not peel, or the aluminum will not rub off. Thus it is quite durable.

It also has an audible beeper, which will inform you when the machine pre-heats and when the waffle is ready. So you do not have to keep an eye on the thing constantly.


  • Multiple setting for seven browning levels
  • Easy to clean
  • Food safe pan
  • Has an audible beeper
  • Unique heating technology


  • Product might be bulky

5. Hong Kong Egg Waffle Maker With BONUS Recipe E-Book

Waffles are amazing because you can pair it with multiple flavors. However, not all flavors go together, and it would take a while to figure out the perfect recipe. But what if you had all the instructions ready right in front of you?

The Hong Kong waffle maker comes with a recipe book that you can follow for exquisite batters and fantastic flavors! And to help the recipe come to life, the waffle maker gives its best shot at all times.

This has a unique design that creates bubbles on the waffle rather than small cubes. It still retains the taste of the dish, but the texture is slightly different. The bubbles on the waffle become chewier than the traditional texture.

The interior of this product is also different, given how it performs. It has heat-protective surfaces on both the lower and upper pan. As a result, it perfectly coats the batter and allows it to rise in dome shapes.

It, of course, has non-stick pans that improve the overall process of handling a waffle because often, you try to take it out of the pan, and it gets stuck. The product also has a 180-degree flip feature.

So, it is even easier to transfer the dish from the machine to the plate. No matter how to rotate, the device will remain steady. It also has rubber bottoms that ensure a firm grip with the surface.

Moreover, it has a convenient that you can use to hold the product or store it horizontally or vertically. It is compact as well and should not take much space.


  • Cooks unique shaped waffles
  • Overheating protection
  • Has a convenient size
  • Non-stick pan
  • 180-degree flip feature


  • Might be tricky to learn the process

What To Look For While Buying Best Waffle Maker?

Thin Waffle Maker

You want the product to reduce the amount of effort that goes into cooking, not the other way around. Based on your needs, you should always consider the factors below before getting a waffle maker.


Since you want this machine for your kitchen, it is understandable that you want a small product. However, pay close to the size of the pan and the lid. If the pan is too small or wonky, then the batter will not sit properly.

It will either overflow when you try to close the lid or not spread properly. As a result, the waffle will not cook evenly.


You can like both soft and crunchy waffles, but the product needs to have separate modes to help you get the desired effect. Usually, the machine will have heat settings that you can crank up if you want the batter to get crispier.

The added heat will reduce the moisture level and give you the perfect crunch without making the waffle too thin.

There are also models that allow even browning on both sides. So, your dish looks more put together, and surely the guests will be impressed. So products with more modes will be the best waffle maker for thin crispy waffles.


Portability depends on other factors besides the size of the product. You need to check the device’s electrical requirements to make sure it is suitable for your house. It will also help you if the brand provides an extension cord, so you can easily shift the product to different countertops.

Other Features

An LED light or a beeper is helpful as it notifies you about the readiness of the machine. Other features such as rubber feet also help keep the device in place and make it electrically non-conductive and safe.

How To Use A Waffle Maker?

Making waffles with a machine is super easy and a fun activity to do at home. However, some steps can help you get the perfect waffle on your first try!

The Batter

People have different preferences, and your diet might also be different. So, get a recipe that fits your needs and make a batter. Any batter will work as long as it is in liquid form and reacts well with heat.


Just like you need to pre-heat the oven, you need to do the same to a waffle maker. Simply plug the device in and press the pre-heat button. The duration for pre-heating depends on the model, but usually, there is a beeper or an LED light that informs you when it is ready.


Although the products on our lists are non-stick, it is always better to apply some butter or oil to grease the pan. The pan might work, but your batter might be too sticky, which can easily get stuck. You can even use spray grease to do this task.

The Finale

Gently pour the batter with a large spoon. Make sure that you do not overfill the pan, so keep some space near the edges. However, if your model has extra features to catch the batter, then you do not have to worry. After this step, close the lid and wait for the batter to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are my waffles so thin?

If you pour a thin layer on the pan, and press too hard, then your waffles might be thinner. It can also happen if the pan is too small.

2. Is waffle mix supposed to be thick or thin?

Usually, waffle batter is thicker than pancake batter. So, your final dish will be much more moist and soft if the mix is thicker.

3. Why are my waffles not crispy?

The consistency of the waffle mix is delicate. You need the perfect amount of moisture in the mix to ensure that it does not dry out too much. However, it is easy to add in too much liquid, which usually makes a soggy waffle.

4. Are pancake and waffle mix the same?

No, they are different, although they have similar ingredients.

5. Do you have to spray a waffle maker?

Yes, the chances of the waffle getting stuck at the bottom become less of you spraying and prep the pan properly.

Final Words

You can see that the best thin waffle maker comes in various fun shapes and makes your task so easy! You only have to work hard to get the perfect batter, and the rest of the process is smooth sailing thanks to these fantastic products. So, make sure to grab one the next time you are craving for waffles.

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