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Best Jelly Roll Pan Reviews: Buy Top Rated Pans 2022

Baking is one of the oldest culinary activities people pursued, and it dates back to ancient Greece, before the year 600 BC. While baking styles have changed since then, the passion for baking burns bright.

And baking in today’s world has been made easy, and one reason for that has been the advent of different utensils designed for speed and efficiency.

Jelly roll pans are one such invention, and they are hugely popular among amateurs and professionals in all countries.

Hence, we decided a tool this awesome deserves a review! Our article on the best jelly roll pans will ensure both pros and amateurs make the best investment to show off their culinary skills. Invalid table id.

10 Best Jelly Roll Pans Review

Jelly Roll Pan

So it is time for the reviews. Here, you find a short description of each product along with its pros and cons. Read through it carefully to see which item is the best for you!

1. USA Pan Jelly Roll Baking Pan And Bakeable Nonstick Cooling Rack

Straight from the famous USA pan store, this all-time classic is one of their finest jelly roll pans and a top contender for baking cooking, making cakes, or some old fashion vegetable roasting. To start off, it is well-aerated because it has a corrugated surface. This allows the movement of air throughout the dough during baking.

With its cross-wire design, it has been built to possess an unparalleled level of stability and strength, making sure it doesn’t break down during use.

As an added bonus, it is also non-stick. This feature has been achieved by applying a special silicone gel coating. And don’t worry about health hazards, as it free from harmful chemicals like BPA.

It can be washed with the utmost ease and convenience. All you need is warm water, a sponge, and some soap, and that’s pretty much it.

Both pan and rack are made from the highest quality aluminized steel. This alloy can sustain even when the temperature reaches 450 Fahrenheit, and what’s more, it is incredibly durable. To increase its strength even further, the pan is bolstered with steel wires that aid and support the overall structure during heating.


  • Made of aluminized steel
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • The surface is well aerated
  • Free of harmful chemicals and non-stick


  • Not dishwasher-proof

2. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet 

Nordic Ware has been manufacturing their bakeware for over 15 years, and this pure aluminum product is a testimony to its quality. This particular pan has been crafted and manufactured from the highest quality, pure aluminum. Aluminum is very lightweight, yet it is durable and sturdy simultaneously.

This product possesses superior heat-absorbing qualities, and thus it will take you less time to bake on one of these than on conventional pans. Heating is uniform, and all parts of the pan are heated, ensuring that you are baking or roasting is cooked to perfection.

Due to its chemical composition, the product has a distinct glow and shine. It is also non-stick and can handle all types of sweet baking. If you are still worried about its strength, then you will be pleased to know that internal steel rims prevent a collapse of the structure even when handled roughly.

And this bolsters its overall design and ensures that it will last many years if maintained properly. This product is also perfectly compatible with all traditional baking methods, such as butter or flour beds. It also supports silicon mats, something many other pans don’t support.

Finally, washing and maintaining it is ridiculously easy and straightforward. Hand-washing is preferred, but not mandatory. Cleaning it with a sponge and some soapy water will do the trick better than a dishwasher would.


  • Made of pure aluminum, with no additives
  • Nonstick surface
  • Steel wires enclosed inside for strength
  • Can be used with silicon mats and flour baking methods


  • Tomatoes or acidic foods should not be roasted in it frequently, as pitting may occur

3. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll

Oxo brings you their 10 by 15-inch non-stick jelly roll pan. Designed with care and keeping quality in mind, this product is a must-have for the kitchen.

This product is simply ideal for cakes, rolls, and all types of cookies. Because it is made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel, it facilitates the rapid and smooth transfer of heat from the surface to food.

With its ceramic reinforced double-layer coating, the food will never stick to the bottom and thus can be served straight from the pan. This makes it one of the best stainless steel jelly roll pan in the market.

The ceramic coating also protects against corrosion and abrasion, which would otherwise occur more frequently had the coating not been in place.

Having a textured and well-aerated bottom allows quick diffusion and transport of air through the baked goods. This speeds up cooking and improves the end result. This product is also easy to grip due to its square edges. They add support and allow for a firm grip.


  • Easy to grip
  • Made of high strength aluminized steel
  • A high amount of aeration is achieved
  • Double layer coating to minimize abrasions


  • Can be hand-washed only

4. Doughmakers Jelly Roll Commercial Grade Aluminum Bake Pan

A top quality product from Doughmakers, who is renowned for making the best bake pans you will find anywhere.

First off, the product is made of grade 18 aluminum. This grade of aluminum is known for being a premium choice for professional bakers all over the world.

It heats up faster, more efficiently, and also provides uniformly distributed heating throughout the pan. As an added benefit, it also cools down much faster as compared to other metals. This product is aluminum throughout and not just a coating of aluminum.

That means it is totally resistant to rusting and corrosion even when scratched or exposed to water for prolonged periods. Because of its unique pebble texture, the product contains a high degree of aeration and micro air channels. This is essential in baking as it helps to bake the food properly.

This pan has innate non-stick properties, and it is not spiked or adulterated with a coating to make it so. Hence, it is completely safe to cook in, and will not release any harmful chemicals to the food. Being hand washable allows you to clean it with the minimum amount of fuss, and also maintain to the desired degree.


  • Made of premium grade 18 aluminum
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion in nature
  • Finely aerated
  • Naturally non-stick


  • Will discolor if washed with dishwasher or detergents

5. Chicago Metallic Commercial II 

Chicago Metallic Commercial has a legacy that dates back to over a century. When you buy from them, you are indulging in the best, made by the best. Commercial II is one of their top jelly roll pansand this is a distinction that does it justice.

This product has been built for baking and roasting a vast array of culinary delights. Whether its jelly rolls, cakes, or roasting vegetables, you will be well covered by this product.

Made from the top quality aluminized steel, it is an epitome of endurance, strength, durability, and longevity. The steel-aluminum combo maximizes heat transfer throughout the pan and makes baking or roasting fast and hassle-free.

In order to provide extra reinforcements, the rims are firmly wired. This prevents the pan from collapsing onto itself and also gives it a high degree of stability. Capable of sustaining and working in temperatures over 200 degrees Celcius, it has a fairly high heat capacity and thermal stability.

Being dishwasher-proof means you no longer have to worry about hand cleaning it after use, although handwashing is also recommended.


  • Dishwasher safe/proof
  • Wired rims for added strength
  • Can work in very temperatures
  • Can be used to bake a variety of items


  • Can stain easily is not properly maintained

6. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Jelly Roll Pan

Measuring in at a robust 10.25-Inches x 15.25-Inches, Mrs. Anderson brings you their heavyweight baking jelly roll pan, designed to provide the best service. This is a product that has been tailored to make the best cakes, rolls, cookies, and many other savory delights you could possibly think of.

Made of grade 19 aluminum, the product is an excellent conductor of heat and will endure over 450 Fahrenheit temperatures. This also makes it long-lasting, and you will observe how it will outlast jelly roll pans from their manufacturers.

In order to reinforce it even further, a beaded rim is set firmly in place. This has the effect of preventing the pan from collapsing onto itself and also provides a degree of stability.

Heating is highly uniform. Hence, baking will be done to perfection in the least amount of time. Furthermore, it has been endorsed by the NSF, and thus contains no contaminants.

Due to its chemical composition, it is highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. This means it can be exposed to water without detrimental effects. Finally, you can pair it up with baking mats made by the same company and also silicon mats.


  • Endorsed by the NSF for safety
  • Does not rust or corrode
  • Comes with reinforced rims
  • Can withstand very high temperatures


  • Baking mats must be bought separately

7. Nordic Ware, Jelly Roll Pan

Coming to you straight from the factories of the Nordic Ware stores, this is a product that ticks all the right boxes within the most affordable price range.

First off, because it has been manufactured with pure grade aluminum, the heat conduction of this product is beyond excellent. With good heat absorption, you also get a uniform distribution of heat. The fine grid pattern is distinct and quite noticeable even in a packed store, among other products.

The prism grid has a two-fold function. On one hand, it makes the product look unique, and on the other hand, it adds strength to the structure overall.

And the product has been made keeping aeration needs in mind, so you do not have to worry about the food not being well aerated. The airflow is uniform and constant throughout baking.


  • Made of high strength, durable aluminum
  • Prismic grid for strength
  • High heat retention
  • Facilitates uniform airflow


  • Must be washed by hand

8. Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Cookie

Chicago Metallics’ non-stick jelly roll pan set is just the product that needs to grace the confines of your kitchen. Made by a company that has a century of tradition, it is a product made to bring out the pro in you. This robust sized 17-inch-by-12.25-inch jelly roll pan set is more than ideal for baking a plethora of sweet delights.

From baking jelly rolls to cookies and roasting vegetables, this product is a one-stop for all your baking needs.

Made from the finest and most durable carbon steel, it possesses superb heat distribution qualities. The carbon steel alloy helps in the uniform distribution of heat to all corners of the pan and ensures your food is baked to perfection.

This pan and rack set also features a smooth, non-stick surface. It makes baking easier and convenient, as the cake will not stick to the bottom and will come off easily when served.

With a special reinforced, wired rim, stability is ensured and maximized. You will seldom see this product collapse or give in to its own weight, even after years of use.

Finally, the baking sheets are easy to store away once you are done with the day’s tasks, and the sheets are able to be stacked on top of one another. This efficiently saves storage space and makes the product appear compact.


  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Can be stored away easily
  • Compatible with all oven types
  • Both pan and rack are non-stick in nature


  • The top part may rust over time

9. Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum Jelly Roll And Cookie Pan

The aluminum jelly roll and cookie pan from Wilton have been created to take off all your baking needs. It is a highly versatile product for versatile people.

This eye-catching silver-colored product is as effective as it is distinctive. Whether you are in the mood for jelly rolls, cakes, or cookies, simply pour the mix on the pan and get started.

Made of heavy-duty aluminum, it is incredibly lightweight but also quite sturdy. It is a good conductor of heat, and it will provide unimpeded and uniform heating throughout use.

Being non-stick it allows easy serving and quick cleaning. The surface is also resistant to abrasion and wear, meaning you can use it for years and not notice any difference in quality.

With dimension measuring in at 10.5 x 15.5 inches, it is more than adequate to accommodate a large batch of cookies or a large roll. This saves you the hassle of buying multiple pans for baking more of the same items. Washing and maintaining are also quite easy.

You simply use a sponge and some soapy water to scrub the food off it and let it dry. Soon enough, it will be ready for round two.


  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum
  • Easy to clean
  • Large enough to bake batches of cookies in it
  • The surface is corrosion resistant


  • Needs to be washed before first use

10. 2 Pcs Luck Love Swiss Roll Cake Mat 

Our final product for today is the flexible baking tray jelly roll pan from Luck Love. Made for safety and efficiency, it is a testimony to their manufacturing skills. First off, this 2 pc product set comprises a cake mat and jelly roll pan, both made out of silicon.

This is in contrast to the other products reviewed, as silicon is not widely used. However, this product has been endorsed for safety and is free of harmful reagents. It is also recyclable and reusable, making it eco friendly.

The silicon pads are not only for preparing food in. They can be used to serve food in as well and work as a table mat too. Being resistant to damage against high and low-temperature makes it a worthy product. It can work in temperatures above 200 Celcius and as low as -40 Celcius.

Moreover, this means it is also refrigerator friendly, and you can store your food in it and put it away in the fridge. With varying sizes to choose from, it can deliver for all your needs and brighten up the entire kitchen.


  • Completely free of health hazards
  • The silicon pad can be used for different purposes
  • Is refrigerator safe
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher


  • Not as non-stick as their metallic counterparts

What To Look For While Buying A Jelly Roll Pan?

If you want to buy the top jelly roll pans, you need to know beforehand what to look for. Doing so will help you invest in the best possible product and get your money’s worth.

That’s why we will provide some pointers for you to follow so that you can decide which factors to make your decision on when buying an item from our jelly roll pan reviews.

High Strength Material

There is no doubt that a strong material is a good choice for a pan, but there are certain materials that perform better in this department. Two materials are the best when it comes to jelly roll pans: aluminum and steel. Both of these materials are good conductors of good, sturdy, tough, and durable.

However, there are some subtle differences between the two materials. Steel is an excellent conductor, but it is on the heavier side. It is slightly heavier to lift, and there is a risk(albeit a very small one) that steel pans may leak metals out into food when used for prolonged periods.

Aluminum, on the other hand, circumvents this issue, as it is very lightweight and durable at the same time. Newer alloys of aluminum are being made to be even better conductors of heat than steel. However, aluminum can be a bit on the expensive side of things due to their enhanced properties.

Specific Purpose

Jelly roll pans are made, keeping specific purposes in mind. Generally, they are used to roast vegetables and making cake rolls.

If you buy a jelly roll pan for purposes other than the above, you will simply be wasting your money and will not be able to get the best out of the pan.

Hence, always decide beforehand the type of cooking or baking you want to do, and whether the pan you are investing in would be a good fit or not.

Easy To Hold 

Smooth and comfortable handling is everything in the culinary world. If a utensil or item is too heavy or too light, chances are it could interfere with your cooking. Heavy pans are generally better as they don’t sag or bend in. But if a pan is heavy, it must also have a good handle or grip.

Hence, always go for the one that you feel the most comfortable holding, and always be sure to handle the product you want to buy before making the purchase.

How To Measure A Jelly Roll Pan?

While many jelly roll pan manufacturers will tell you the pans measurements, it is still worth measuring it out for clarity.

Get A Ruler Or Tape

To make the measurement, you need a ruler or measuring tape, graduated in a scale you are comfortable with ( mm, inches, or cm). A 12-inch ruler is a good scale for measuring pans.

Edge To Edge Is Key

To start, measure across the top for its width and length. Take the reading from edge to edge on the inside only. Disregard the outside edge as it is not part of the capacity.

Avoid Reading Errors

When using the ruler or tape, keep your eyes on the same level as the scale, avoiding errors. In other words, do not tilt or position your head at an angle and keep it aligned with the scale markings.

Take Depth Measurements

To measure the depth, repeat the same steps but position the ruler outside the pan and keep it straight. Do not tilt the ruler even if the bottom is not straight. Also, keep the ruler as close to the pan as possible to avoid an error.

Round Off With Capacity

Finally, for capacity, fill the pan with water using a standard size measuring cup. See how much water is needed to fill the pan to the brim. That is the capacity.

How Does A Jelly Roll Pan Work?

Since jelly roll pans are so widely used all around the world, it is worth knowing how it works, just so that you can get a rough idea of happens inside.

Overall Structure

The pan itself has walls around it that are 1 inch tall approximately. So, in essence, it can function as a tray as well as a pan.

Start Pouring The Frosting

The frosting of the cake is spread out on the pan, to begin with. The surface of the pan is first sprayed with cooking spray to ensure the cake doesn’t stick. And the batter of the cake is then poured onto the frosting carefully. At this point, the jelly roll pan is ready to be put into the oven to start the baking process.

Place It In The Oven

Once in the oven, the pan absorbs heat from the oven and bakes the cake mix from the bottom up.

All Done & Ready To Serve

When baking is complete, you simply take out the pan and carefully transfer the baked cake or roll to a different tray, ready for serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best jelly roll pans:

1. Can I wash my jelly roll pan in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can, but only if it’s dishwasher-proof. Not all pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher, so check with the manufacturer regarding whether your does.

2. Why does my pan have a textured surface?

This texture on the surface acts as airways. It’s a good thing, actually, as it will provide aeration during the baking process.

3. Can I bake cookies using a jelly roll pan?

Absolutely! In fact, baking cookies is one of the things they are designed to do.

4. Are jelly roll pans non-stick?

Most of them are. However, this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is better to confirm before buying.

5. Are jelly roll pans safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use health wise. They are made of non-toxic materials, and thus impose no health hazards.

Final Words

So, that’s the end of another article, and an appetite-building one we must say. Hopefully, our best jelly roll pans review guide has not only given you the incentive to buy the best pan out there but also implement your culinary prowess. So, until next time, and till then, happy baking!

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