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Best Defrosting Tray: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

“You are the best, honey! Thanks for buying me this awesome gift.”

“Is it helping you? I mean, you always seemed to dread defrosting before.”

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Such a sweet conversation, wasn’t it? But hey, you can be that very proud man in the conversation. How? Buy the lady a surprise gift, the best defrosting tray in the world. Are you in? Then let’s talk business. Go through the review. Find the right tray. Buy it. Simple!Invalid table id.

10 Best Defrosting Tray Reviews

The quest was rough. And the products were alluring. However, having our priorities dead set, we weren’t ready to settle for anything the market threw at us. And here we are, with these straightforward reviews of fascinating units.

1. Evelots NEW Meat Defrosting Tray

If we didn’t come across this amazing product, we would’ve been left ignorant about the extreme speed the defrosting trays come with these days. Yes, the unit will take merely an hour to get the job done. And in the process, it won’t require any assistance from electricity.

What’s also crazy is that this item will make you a better cook, with easy control of temperature and safer handling of the piece of meat. I am also counting on its conduciveness of heat. Your meat is never going to be unevenly defrosted again.

Another worth mentioning feature is the compactness it brings. And thus, gone is the worry of storing the little thing. Now, hand-washable? You bet. However, only if one user didn’t find his chicken breast “solid as a rock” after one hour, it would’ve been greater. Also, another customer thought it to be too thin.


  • The unit will take merely an hour to get the job done
  • Easy control of temperature
  • Safer handling of the piece of meat
  • Superb conduciveness ensures even defrosting 


  • Too thin for one, slow-acting for another

2. ZINTAK Thawing Plate | EXTRA LARGE Meat Defroster Tray 

Here’s the best meat defrosting tray I want you to look at. This tray will contain multiple meat pieces. Yes, it’s large. You can also use it to defrost vegetables and fruits alike. And boy, does it work fast or what! Oh, and, did I mention that it’s dishwasher safe?

Apart from extreme convenience, our product will generate heat without any aid from microwaves. Also, the brand goes out of its way to ensure the durability of the tray. It seems not to shy away from giving a solid guarantee. I also like the device for its good look.

Now, one user wasn’t much convinced with the speed of the performance of the device. He stated that it was slower than expected. And this is a view multiple buyers shared. Another couple of users weren’t happy with the size of it. They found it too small.


  • Will contain multiple meat pieces
  • Dishwasher-safe for convenience
  • Will generate heat without any aid from microwaves
  • A solid guarantee most of the time


  • One user wasn’t convinced with the speed of performance

3. HelferX Defrosting Tray | Thawing Plate For Fast Defrosting Of Frozen Foods

Looking for the best thawing plate? Well, check out the one that the manufacturers have crafted with super cool aesthetics. Yes, the device will save you some good minutes, if not more, in the process of warming the meat. I also like the material that went into constructing this unit; aluminum is a fine choice.

The best thing about this product is the dripping tray included in the package. It saves you the hassles of clean-up. Also, you will find the silicone sponge to be very handy in cleaning the tray. Additionally, this product is dishwasher-safe, which makes it outrageously convenient.

Moreover, it’s fun that you don’t need to use a microwave or soak the meat in the water anymore. Now, a user seemed positive that the tray wasn’t dishwasher-safe. Another one found the drip tray to be a cheap item. Also, another buyer found the defrosting too lengthy.


  • Will save you some good minutes
  • Aluminum construction
  • Dripping tray included in the package
  • Silicone sponge is very handy in cleaning the tray


  • A user thought that the tray wasn’t dishwasher-safe

4. That Inventions Professional Quick Food Defrosting Tray And Thawing Plate

Here’s a gorgeous unit you couldn’t resist if you are into aesthetics. Yes, this beautiful tray will preserve the flavor of the meat perfectly. What’s also cool is that the designers have given the board a bit of tilt. You will notice this once you find the drip tray collecting the water nicely.

I also loved the aluminum construction. It makes the tray durable to pass the test of time. Another feature I want to mention is the battery-less operation of the unit. And such a natural defrosting device will save a little time for sure. So, the model is for those who want to do it the easy way while not ruining the flavor.

As for drawbacks, one user was left with mostly frozen ground beef after a good waiting of four hours. Another one wasn’t seeing any impressive results after two hours of waiting. Also, one user loved the finish of the tray until it lost the shininess.


  • The designers have given the tray a bit of tilt for draining water
  • Aluminum construction makes the tray durable to pass the test of time
  • Battery-less operation
  • A natural defrosting device that will save a little time


  • One user was left with mostly frozen ground beef even after four hours

5. BeChef Defrosting Tray | Thawing Plate For Fast Defrosting Of Frozen Foods

Here’s the best thawing tray you should check out. The most extraordinary feature of this tray is the shredding claw. You will find it useful when you will carry hot meat. With this in place, there will be no more burning of the skin. I also like the silicone brush. Cleaning will be fun with this.

The device also comes with a dripping tray so that the countertop isn’t a mess. Another nice thing is the addition of three e-books in the package. So, I guess, you will master the art of defrosting and other skills in no time with the help around.

And the construction should be sturdy with aluminum as the material. Moreover, the unit is dishwasher safe. Now, one user stated that to get the best result, the meat should be frozen flat. Otherwise, it takes longer to defrost. Also, some users found it taking longer to defrost thick meats.


  • The shredding claw, the most extraordinary feature
  • Comes with a dripping tray so that the countertop isn’t a mess
  • The construction should be sturdy with aluminum as the material
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Some users found it taking longer to defrost thick meats

6. Fast Defrosting Tray For Frozen Food Thawing Plate

Fancy a defrosting device with no electricity involved? Then you need to look at the next product on the list. The tray will reduce your workload that would’ve burdened you otherwise by doing the work fast. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable using a microwave, this device will save you the day.

What’s also cool about this product is that you don’t need any skill whatsoever. It offers you defrosted meat faster than you anticipate. And once the job is done, you can clean it very easily using a sponge. Moreover, I love the material used in making it; nothing can beat aluminum.

You would do best if you handwash the tray. And you will find that it’s quite lightweight. Also, there are protective foams included. Now, one user found it too slow in thawing chicken. And this is an opinion a couple of other owners of the product share.


  • The tray will reduce your workload by working fast
  • Cleaning is easy using a sponge
  • Nothing beats aluminum, the material used
  • Protective foams included


  • One user found it too slow in thawing chicken

7. Danoib Fast Defrosting Tray Rapid Thaw Plate Magic Board For Frozen Foods

Nothing can beat a lovely defroster tray with ample space if you are in a hurry to host your Sunday guests. And if the device comes with aluminum construction, you are assured to use it for years to come. Also, I love this product for the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe.

Another great thing about this unit is that its board is non-stick coated. Therefore, if you had experience with meat refusing to come off the board, it’s time you wiped that bad memory off. What’s more, the tray will save you a considerable amount of time during thawing.

As for drawbacks, one user thought of the tray to be too small. Another one was disappointed when the tray didn’t defrost the meat after one hour. Moreover, the coating started to chip away for an owner after only a few uses. And though we were glad to find it lightweight, one user wasn’t happy with its thinness.


  • Aluminum construction assures of uses for years to come
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • The board is non-stick coated
  • Saves a considerable amount of time during thawing


  • One user thought of the tray to be too small

8. Kusine Defrost Tray And Thawing Plate

Here’s a unique defrosting tray in terms of design. Yes, we didn’t find too many products out there with the central draining channel. And it’s brilliant how the water makes its way toward the center due to the concavity of the board. What’s also excellent is the thickness of the tray. It’s thicker than most trays out there.

The device works fast. And it thaws the meat evenly, unlike a microwave. Now, I suggest that the meat piece should be flat before you put it on the tray. This way, you get even defrosting for sure. If you are into dishwashers, then you will find the product perfect for you.

And the aluminum construction is impressive. You will admire the multi-fin bottom. It adds to the uniqueness of the unit. Now, as for drawbacks, a user wanted to thaw a couple of inch-thick pieces. And he ended up with still frozen meat after four long hours. Another customer waited three hours to no avail.


  • A unique design with a central draining channel
  • Thicker than most trays out there
  • Thaws the meat evenly, unlike a microwave
  • Multi-fin bottom adds to the uniqueness


  • A customer waited three hours with no result

9. QIZRON Defrosting Tray | Fast Thawing Plate Board

Check out this fancy-looking thawing board. We are dealing with color this time, unlike any others. The most impressive thing about this tray is construction. Yes, we are past aluminum. It’s time to appreciate aerospace alloy along with silver ions.

The device can deal with up to 3mm thick meat pieces quite fast. Also, it defrosts large pieces efficiently. What I also like is the conduciveness of the board, thanks to the synthetic material used. And when it comes to safety, it relieves you from using a microwave with the natural thawing mechanism.

Now, there’s one minor issue you need to be okay with. The water tray isn’t dishwasher safe. However, using only soap and water will see the job done in a jiffy. Now, there were users who weren’t happy with the defrosting time. They had to wait for too long.


  • Aerospace alloy along with silver ions, a unique construction
  • Deals with up to 3mm thick meat pieces quite fast
  • The great conduciveness of the board, thanks to the synthetic material used
  • Defrosts large pieces efficiently


  • The water tray isn’t dishwasher-safe

10. Thawt Defrosting Tray Large With Silicone

Let’s check out the best defrosting plate. It deals with an average-sized meat piece only in an hour. Also, the aluminum is perfectly safe to handle foods, not to mention the durability that comes with it. I am also counting on the tray’s ability to preserve the original taste of the food.

What’s also impressive is that the device conducts heat very nicely. You won’t feel too much cold or intense heat. Therefore, for users’ safety, this makes a fine choice. Also, you can use the dishwasher to skip the trouble of hand washing. The surface will be corrosion-resistant and non-stick for easy maneuvering.

As for cons, one user couldn’t see any result after waiting for an hour. And this is something many others have complained about – a slow-acting defrosting tray. However, numerous users were pleased with the defrosting time. Some of them even got results after 30-45 minutes only.


  • Deals with an average-sized meat piece only in an hour
  • The aluminum is perfectly safe to handle foods
  • Ability to preserve the original taste of the food
  • Conducts heat very nicely


  • Multiple users couldn’t see any result after waiting for an hour

What To Look For While Buying Best Defrosting Tray?

Defrosting Tray

There might not be too many factors to consider before the purchase. However, the ones we will talk about, you need to cover them all for a happy defrosting experience. It might be a small device with little features, but you will use it frequently for years to come.

And here are the features that will make sure you cherish the experience every time.

Fast Defrosting Time

Yes, it all comes down to thawing time. Among the customer reviews, we haven’t seen anything as important to the buyers as the defrosting time. Everyone judged the product based on the time it took to thaw their meat pieces. And astonishing was the diversity of the reviews when it came to this.

Now, after all the research, I would be happy if a device can defrost in two hours. Though some products have significantly better thawing time, you shouldn’t be disappointed with a 2-hour waiting period. Therefore, look for a product that will let you thaw faster.

And here’s the problem. No brand will confess that its tray doesn’t thaw fast. So, how do you know if the unit will work as fast as claimed? You go through the customer reviews, of course.


Yes, it’s not fun to buy a defroster every now and then. The device should last long. And for this to happen, the material must be strong. I would recommend aluminum above all. For, it deals with the frozen piece of meat like nothing else. Also, aerospace alloy and silver ions aren’t bad either.

Water Drip Tray

It will be awesome if there’s a drip tray included in the package. It reduces clean-up time very efficiently. Also, see if you can get trays that are dishwasher safe. This way, you are saved the trouble of hand washing. However, washing the board with water and soap isn’t much difficult.


Make sure that the defrosting tray is perfectly thick. Otherwise, thin boards tend to take more time than expected. On the contrary, a thick board not only conducts nicely but also preserves the juiciness of the food.


Yes, size matters. If the family is big and you have to defrost large pieces of meat regularly, there’s no point in buying an undersized tray. Many users have suffered because of small boards that made the job harder and took much time as a result.

How To Use Defrosting Tray?

It’s no rocket science to use a tray. You will master the art even after using the board once, provided you follow the instructions.

Step 1: The Plate Should Be At Room Temperature

Make sure that you didn’t place the plate in a too hot or cold place prior to the use.

Step 2: Putting The Meat On The Tray

Gently take out the meat piece from the freezer and put it on the tray. I would suggest that you use a cutting board beneath the plate.

Step 3: Keep Track Of Time

Yes, you want to know how long the tray takes to defrost a particular piece of meat. This way, you won’t miscalculate the time during the next uses of the tray. And that will save you any embarrassment while hosting neighbors.

Step 4: Wrap Or Unwrap Depending On The Size Of Food

If it’s a small item like burger patties, you better use something to wrap it up. This way, there will be a faster result. And with big pieces, leaving them bare is the way to go.

Step 5: Place The Drip Tray

After the placement of the frozen meat, all there’s left to do is placing the drip tray under the device. It will collect the water resulting from the defrosting.

And you are done.

Do Defrosting Trays Really Work?

You wouldn’t look weird if you asked the question, “does it work?” And if you’ve had bad experiences with cheap defroster trays already, then you are more than a reasonable person. I mean, it doesn’t really make sense to buy a product that ends up taking as much time as a countertop would normally.

But, here’s the answer that will cheer you up. It works. If you can manage to get your hands on an efficient device, you will never doubt my answer. But the tray must be good at what it does, and that is, defrosting fast. In other words, the tray needs to cover the aspects we’ve talked about in the buying guide.

Many a user stated that their cooking job became much more fun with the assistance of a good defroster tray. I mean, who wouldn’t like the convenience a plate comes with? I am talking about the no microwave, no electricity, and no soaking the meat in water, of course.

Another benefit of using such a tool is that it doesn’t interfere with the flavor of frozen food. That’s because of the even conduciveness the device offers. If you were to put the piece inside a microwave, the chances are that you would find uneven thawing every once in a while.

How Long Do Defrosting Trays Take? 

Though there’s no definite answer to this crucial question, we will try to give a rough estimate. If the size of the meat is small to medium with relatively warm temperature in the room, then you are looking at about one hour of waiting.

Again, you can understand that the duration completely depends on the size of the piece and the room temperature. And this is where confusion occurs mostly. When someone tries to defrost a large frozen piece of chicken breast and finds out that the defrosting is taking much longer, he freaks out.

But there is no way the device could handle a large piece as fast as it dealt with the smaller pieces earlier. Also, do not expect to get the same result in summer and winter. However, if the defrosting tray is taking ages to thaw, then you’ve got problems, no matter the condition.

Final Words

I understand if you are feeling dizzy in distinguishing these very fine products. However, another quick glance at the pros and cons, and the quest for that best defrosting tray will come to an end.

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